Cityvisits Ghent

We offer city visits in Ghent (in Dutch for French-speaking pupils).

The teenagers discover the city and take part in fun activities. The aim is to enjoy themselves and to speak the target language by means of playfyl exercises (adapted to their level).

Each pupil receives a "carnet de bord", a booklet that summerizes the activities of the day.

Click on the calendar to book a city visit.


  • We recruite our language instructors with care
  • We are always looking for new teaching techniques and activities
  • We regularly update the pupils' booklet
  • Each city visit is evaluated (by means of an online survey)


  • For pupils in secondary school (1-6 grade)
  • From September til June
  • Duration: a full day (10h-16h)
  • In small groups of max. 10 pupils
  • 150 euros per group
  • The school organizes the transport


Woodrow Wilsonplein, Ghent